Help us

There are several ways one can get involved with our organization and help families, who battle childhood cancer.

Global Objectives:

- Providing cash, vitamins, food supplements, medication and other donations to children with cancer and their families
- With the help of our supporters, we are planning to build a hospital for the complex treating of children with tumors and disorder of the hematopoietic organs
- Improving the conditions of hospitalization for children under treatment in Central/Eastern Europe.
- Contributing to the graduate and post-graduate education of the medical personnel
- Offering continued education to those medical professionals who decide to devote their profession to treating children with cancer
- Helping families of children with cancer to solve their legal problems
- Donating diagnostic equipment, medical instruments, medications, medicinal products and vitamins to those who treat children with cancer and to those in need
- Contributing to cancer research.

Local Objectives:

- Organizing events that help children with cancer and their families cope with the hardships of the disease.
- Raising awareness in our community about childhood cancer
- Showing emotional support by establishing a personal relationship with families.
- Bringing families together at social events.
- Organizing fundraisers to raise money for special events for local families (for examples: Discovery Cove Trip and Christmas Gift Giveaway)