Discovery Cove Trip

The Children Cancer Foundation, Inc is taking eight families with children who are battling against cancer from the Golisano Children`s Hospital of Southwest Florida to Discovery Cove, Orlando to swim with dolphins and have an unforgettable day in paradise on Saturday, May 18, 2013.

The Children cancer Foundation, Inc organized two fundraisers in the past few months to raise the needed money for the trip. Both fundraisers were very successful and there was no doubt that the foundation will be able to afford the promised journey for the children.

They are taking eight families, some are families of three or four, where beside the sick children both the parents and siblings get the opportunity to enjoy an idyllic day in paradise for free.
The bus will leave from the hospital at 6:30 a.m. and will return in the evening around 10 p.m.

A trip to Discovery Cove may not only become a lifelong memory but it also has health benefits for the children. Studies have shown that children`s interaction with dolphins improves their health and mental conditions and is very therapeutic. Needless to say that just by spending a whole day in this dreamlike environment, children will be able to forget what they have been going through and be more positive emotionally.