Christmas Gift Giveaway

newsDid you know that most families who fight against childhood cancer don`t see the magic in Christmas any more? We at the Children Cancer Foundation, Inc would like to help these families and change that this year.

We are hosting our Santa Claus for a Cause Gift Giveaway Christmas Event on Friday, December 20, 2013 in Fort Myers, FL to create a magical Christmas for these families. The event will take place at Chuck E. Cheese, which is just the perfect place for all kids of all ages to have fun and play around.

We love seeing children smile and it makes us work harder and harder, knowing that even if just for a couple hours, we are able to create something that helps them forget the battle they are fighting.
We are inviting children with cancer and their families from the Southwest Florida area and children who are treated at the Children`s Hospital of SWFL to come, meet Santa, have fun and choose from plenty of toys.

We understand that families` financial situation become very deprived while paying for treatments, so they are not able to get the desired gifts for their children or enjoy Christmas. We would like to make sure that Christmas becomes just as special for these children and families as it is for everyone else.

What could kids love more for Christmas than toys and more toys?!
Toy Drives were available at both the Fort Myers and Cape Coral locations of Around the Clock
Fitness from November 10th through December 10th. Furthermore, Lawless Crossfit in Estero was
also a drop off location throughout the same date.
In addition, we received boxes of toy donations from Spin Master, Fun and Function, Plushland, Inc, and Green Toys, Inc.

Thank you so much for everyone who contributed in any way to make this event become a reality!

We are very excited to welcome many families at our Christmas celebration on the 20th.