Our organization has a double mission that makes us unique from other nonprofits. Our roots go back to Central/Eastern Europe ( Hungary) where childhood cancer treatments are far behind from the United States, so survival rate is significantly lower. It is our mission to bring children, who are given up on by their doctors in Hungary, to the United State to receive a higher quality treatment and have a better chance to survive and win the fight against cancer. In addition, we build relationships with top pediatric oncologists across the U.S. in order to consult with them about a child`s condition and possibility of getting the right treatment in his/her home country.

On the other hand, we are here to help families locally in Florida as well. It is our mission to help them cope with the disease emotionally. We plan, formulate and implement programs, projects and activities in order to help families overcome the emotional distress and fear. The events we organize for them create an environment where they can forget about the battle and make joyful memories they`ll remember forever.