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Dec 2016

Girl's leg saved despite horrifying diagnosis

newsA 14-year-old girl’s letter to our Hungarian parent company in Budapest:

“Dear Foundation,
Please help me save my leg from getting amputated!

Petra P. was diagnosed with bone cancer in his left leg in 2013. She received chemotherapy treatment in Budapest, Hungary, but the aggressive tumor recurred and she was starting to lose hope.

Reports written by oncologists and doctors revealed that due to the place of the tumor, the only option was below mid-thigh amputation.

This “solution” shocked the girl and her family, and they couldn’t and wouldn’t accept amputation as an option to beat cancer. There has to be a place in the world, where, with some technology, Petra’s leg can be saved. Therefore, they started a thorough research, which seemed to have paid off.

An orthopedic surgeon at a private clinic in Brașov, Romania offered to help. He ordered a conference with his colleagues and surgeons, who specialize in vascular surgery, and decided to move forward and perform the leg-saving surgery. There was only one thing missing yet: the money.

Although, the team of surgeons stepped back from receiving their compensation, the family still had to pay close to 1.5 million Hungarian Forints (more than $5,000) for hospital expenses. This amount was far beyond what the family could afford.

Their only hope was with the Children Cancer Foundation in Budapest, Hungary. The foundation has previously provided them with significant financial assistance throughout Petra’s treatments.
In her request, Petra’s mom attached, the little girl’s heartbreaking handwritten note — read above.

The foundation without hesitation decided to donate them the missing amount for the hospital care. And, it paid the full amount right away.

Despite the horrifying diagnosis she had received in Hungary, Petra walked out of the hospital in Brașov on two legs.

Today, she’s happy and excited to celebrate Christmas with her sibling and parents.
Sep 2016

Richie may soon walk without assistance

newsRichie is happily wearing his new TheraTogs system that helps him with assisted walking. Our organization has been providing this product for the little Hungarian boy for several years in partnership with our Hungarian sister nonprofit organization.

This was the third time we donated Richie this system, and he has improved immensely over the years. Richie's mom told us that with the help of this system, Richie is starting to walk without using a cane.

According to the product's website, the TheraTogs are designed to address different alignment and functional deviations of the knee joints, developing femurs, and hip joints with children as well as adults.

We are very happy to see Richie improve so much year after year, and see the happiness on his face as he's becoming more independent from any kinds of walking assistance.

We wish him the best, and we're here if he needs anything in the future.
Aug 2016

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

newsThere will be a day, hopefully soon, when we can say there are more survivors than those who's lost the fight against childhood cancer. But we, as a caring community, can help kids and their families in the fight all year around. However, the month of September is a unique one.

We must dedicate an even closer attention to childhood cancer, and show it that together we're stronger than any of its types. Just like we fight against breast cancer in October, we must fight against childhood cancer much stronger than any other month.

Donate your time, energy, resources or talent because there is always a way you can help kids win the battle against cancer. Many times an individual can't help directly, but that's why we are here, to create and maintain that bridge between those in need and those who are willing to help.

Feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do to forward your generosity.
Dec 2015

Children with cancer to visit Santa

newsOur Christmas event this year gets a twist. We'll have toys, fun and horses. Yes, we are going to be at an Icelandic Horse Farm in North Fort Myers 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 19. Children, who are battling cancer, and their families have been invited through our partnership with the Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida.

With the help of Around the Clock Fitness, we have collected plenty of toys for the families to take home. And, of course, no siblings are excluded. Christmas is about family, and we want nothing less than the entire family having an unforgettable time at our event.

We are looking forward to seeing the smiles of the excited children as they get to pet and ride horses and leave with their hands filled with toys.
Nov 2015

Be Santa’s helping hand this Christmas

newsWith the holidays right around the corner, we have started collecting toys at three locations of Around the Clock Fitness in Fort Myers — Six Mile, Boy Scout, Alico. Toy drive boxes at each location ask for the community's generosity to bring new and unwrapped toys that we will give out to families, who have been affected by childhood cancer, December 18. The toy drive will be available Nov. 9 through Dec. 15.

This years marks the third time we host our Christmas Gift Giveaway at Chuck E. Cheese in Fort Myers, where we invite children, who have been battling this deadly disease, and their immediate family (siblings and parents).

At the event children will be able to choose from a great amount of toys we collect with the help of the community. We also provide tokens for them to play around at the different games at Chuck E. Cheese and, of course, Santa will give us a visit as well.

We appreciate any contribution toward the event, whether it'd be financial support or toys, it will make that evening truly a special one for the kids and their families.

With any questions please contact Klaudia Balogh, director of communications, at